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The Way We Do It

We are local players. We grew up playing airsoft in our back yards and feilds Airsoft has been in our blood for a long time.
No worries about getting bad product or bad advice. We pride ourselves in knowing our product and play with the gear we sell.

Our number one rule for doing business is customer service. Hands down, we have some of the best customer service around.
Especially in the airsoft industry. Our relationship with our customers is our number one priority. If we strongly believe that without the customer, we would havce no business to operate!

We do our best to match online pricing. Doing so will see that we have nothing to hide. We do prefer to see our customers buy from us or buy local, this is why we have a store front. Too many times have we seen online purchases go bad. We have even experienced them ourselves!

We try to run the most open and transparent company possible. We try to show the customer why we are the best in the region.
We go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy!

Our History



Thunder Kiss NW opens
Starting as a small online store, we provided the latest and greatest airsoft products for low prices.

In 2009, as players we finally decided to enter the airsoft community as an online store. This was because we knew we could provide the same products are a lower cost than what was being offered in the area.


Our first physical store opens!

In 2012, we opened our own store.  Once again, we knew we could do better.
We worked closely with our suppliers and brought you some of the best products that were being offered at the time.
We have always ran our business under these simple guide lines:

  • Best customer service.  Because without customers, there would be no Thunder Kiss NW!
  • Best pricing. We are players ourselves.  We know we don't getting gouged at other local shops, so why would we do that to our customers?
  • Selection.  We have the best selection hands down.  No one in the North West can compete with our selection.  We work with domestic suppliers and also have strong connections with overseas manufacturers.


Thunder Dome opens!
We bring the best new arena to the North West. Same great service with the same low prices.